Frequently Asked Questions

Changing the time on your Norstar System
<ul> <li>Press Feature **8463(Time)</li> <li>Enter password 23646</li> <li>Hour: Press change if needed, enter hour then press AM or PM</li> <li>Press OK</li> <li>Minute: Pres change if needed, enter minutes</li> <li>Press Next</li> <li>Year: Press change if needed, enter year</li> <li>Press Next</li> <li>Month: Press change if needed, enter month</li> <li>Press Next</li> <li>Day: Press change if needed, enter day</li> <li>Press Next</li> <li>Press Release, Time and Date should be changed <br /><br /></li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Changing the Time on Your Siemens System
  • Press *95
  • At User: enter 31994
  • At Identification: Enter 31994 again
  • Enter 19
  • Enter 13 for Time then press the Checkmark
  • Press * to Change
  • Enter Time and press the Checkmark to save
  • The screen will display F2 date?
  • Press the Checkmark to go to the date change option
  • Press Checkmark again to change the Date
  • Press *
  • Enter the date (day, month, and year)
  • Press Checkmark to save
    Press the program button to exit
Changing the time on your NEC IPKII
<ul> <li>Press the Speaker Key</li> <li>Press 789</li> <li>Dial two digits for the hour in 24 hour format, 13 = 1:00PM</li> <li>Dial two digits for the minutes (00-59)</li> <li>Press Speaker to hang up</li> <li>The clock should read the normal time</li> <br /> </ul>
Changing the Time on Your NEC Electra Elite and IPK Systems
<p>You must change the time from the main telephone (usually extension 100). Changing the time wil lchange the time on all phones in the system, so you will not have to worry about doing this multiple times. The best way to determine which system you have is by the date of installation. If your NEC system was installed after March of 2006, you likely have the IPKII. Otherwise you likely have the IPK orElectra Elite system.</p> <p><b>Instructions for Changing Time on the NEC Electra and Electra<br />Elite IPK (generally installed before March, 2006)</b></p> <ul> <li>From the programming extension (usually 100) with the handset in the cradle, press the FEATURE button</li> <li>Press 9 #</li> <li>Enter the hour (01-12) and minute (00-59)</li> <li>Press the Recall key to change the AM/PM Setting</li> <li>Press the &nbsp;Hold Key and continue if you want to change the calendar setting</li> <li>Press SPKR or hang up. The correct time should display</li> <br /> </ul>

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